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Walford East facia
Walford East Station

As fans of the popular British television show are aware (or perhaps unaware?), this of course is a fictitious station, which is not found on any Underground map past or present. The station was created on the back-lot of BBC Elstree studios and is now a permanent fixture, with its mock Leslie Green facia.

The fictitious station is located on the District line. The map on the wall was printed with actual train times to and from Walford East - though closer inspection of the map showed that Walford East was located between Bow Road and West Ham (thus taking the place of Bromley-by-Bow). The trains that can be occasionally seen passing on the line are in reality motorised not by electricity, but are in fact pushed along by stagehands! More recently, passing trains have been digitally added.

Walford East Station Map

Inside, the station is equipped with ticket vending machines and other paraphernalia that you'd usually expect to see inside an Underground station, all provided by London Underground to provide an authentic look and feel. Even the timetable outside the station is especially made, showing times from Walford East to nearby stations! When not used, the station is occasionally used as a storage area for lights, cables and other filming equipment. On the photograph you can just see a staircase leading off to the right, which leads up to the "platform" area. In reality this stairway leads to a door into the building next door, which comes out as the exit of the men's toilets (also a set)!


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Top photograph taken by SJA sometime about 1996, bottom taken autumn 1998.

Thanks to David Scard for supplying accurate location information!

The image of the map showing Walford East's location on the District line was taken by Simon Kisner, while on a tour of Elstree Studios, near Christmas 2004.

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