Jigsaw Puzzles


Four of the images on this web site are now presented to you as jigsaw puzzles! See how quickly you can solve them!

bull and bushBull & Bush's staircase to the platform level. (medium)

Brompton RoadBrompton Road's platform area. (medium)

Down StreetDown Street's Surface building. (medium)

Clapham NorthClapham North deep level shelter. (medium)

Clapham NorthAldwych platform level. (easy)

NOTE: Sometime in early 2021, the original web site that hosted the Jigsaws removed them from their site. I probably needed to set up an account with them or something similar to reinstate them but as their contact page was broken I was unable to enquire what had happened so the new Jigsaws are being hosted on JigiDi who provide a much more flexible interface and user experience for solving jigsaws.

I wasn unable to reproduce the original jigsaws - 3 are the same images as before (but probably a little harder to solve with more pieces) and I was unable to retrieve the original larger image of Charing Cross Jubilee Line platform so I've replaced it with an image from the Clapham North deep level tunnels (a nice challenging one that involves a lot of pattern matching!).

I plan to put a few more online in the next few days (some much easier than these and maybe one or two a bit harder!)

Last modified: April 27th 2021

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