Changes & Additions

Changes & Additions

The purpose of this page is to inform regular visitors of any additional material that may have been added to the Underground History web site. Small spelling, grammatical or layout changes won't be recorded but any major changes or additions will be listed here to save you having to trawl through the whole web site to see if anything major has been added.

November 11th 2021

A new digitally remastered version of the Brill Branch page has been published. The aim is to make the images more friendly to larger resolutions but at the same time automatically scale down to smaller resolutions such as mobile phone screens.

October 31st 2021

Minor tweaks to Aldwych page.

October 5th 2021

Added 4 new pictures to the Brill Branch page showing a few things I missed in 2005 - nothing much has changed since then with regards to these pictues - I just missed taking them the first time round!

April 28th 2021

Added a link on the Aldwych Tour page showing the segment of the actual segment of Everlast's Black Jesus video, where all the white feathers I saw on the tracks came from.

April 27th 2021

The jigsaws are back! I've hosted them with a much bigger and more popular online Jigsaw host called JigiDi which give a nicer and smoother user experience when it comes to online jigsaws.

April 22nd 2021

I've now completed the changes I spoke about on the 20th. All pages on the site should now provide a "print friendly" version when sent to a printer. Not only will the colours work for print (bar the caption of one single image which is embedded into the image, expecting a black background) but text has also been subtly changed in places to make a paper copy more readable.

I've also done some housekeeping - mostly very minor tweaks to reflect changes over time that I've observed. The biggest of these is moving a lot of "orientation" on the Index page down to the bottom of the page to allow readers to get straight into the guts of the content rather than scroll over several paragraphs of non-related material. It's all still there - just moved to the bottom.

April 21st 2021

I discovered tonight that the jigsaw puzzles I had on this web site for many years that so many enjoyed putting together from "" have been uncermeoniously dumped without giving me any warning. Apparently you now need a subscription to maintain the jigsaws and as I didn't have one - they dumped them. I'll try to find another Jigsaw Puzzle web site shortly and put togeter some new ones...

April 20th 2021

I've started rolling out some print friendly versions of the entire web site. the aim is to give a reader who has a paper copy a similar experience to reading something from a paper publisher rather than a clone of a web page with "Click here" and "find out more here" everywhere and removing all the navigation (left selection menu, "back to home page" etc.) that would be pointless on an A4 printout!

You'll be able to recognise the pages I've already optimised as they will have the small printer icon near to the bottom of the page you can see above - you can click on the icon or just print the page as you'd normally do - they both do the same.

Initial work has already been done so that ALL pages now print sensibly (no navigation bar and the font colour on the printer is black rather than grey) but the pages with the icon have many other subtle changes made throughout the text (some things removed, some wording changed) so that the print version, as I already stated, doesn't feel "webby".

This may take a few days to complete, as there are quite a few pages to deal with (it takes about 3-4 hours to simply read all the content on here in its entirety) but I feel confident to roll this out a page at a time, adding the icon for each completed fully optimised page.

I'll add another entry to this Changes Page when all of the pages have been optimised.

March 4th 2021

As I'm in lockdown here this evening due to Welsh STAY AT HOME COVID-19 rules (where I now live, and have been since December of last year) I decided to do quite a bit of research to see what's changed since my 2005 visit to the Brill branch and what's there and now in 2012! Many tweaks and corrections to that page as a result. No new images as of course, understandably I can't go there (or ANYWHERE at the moment) but references to Google Steet Map images where I can't do it myself! It was fun revisiting all these locations using Google and quite a few other onlne sites for research - and also realising there are images and research notes I made at the time that I never used for the original web publication...

January 6th 2021

Just some minor updates to a review and a couple of typo changes to reflect how 2020 CRAPPED on us from a great height with great disregard of hobbies, enjoyment and other places I'd loved to have visited - COVID-19 had other ideas, the bastard...

July 4th 2020

I've updated the text for the Heathrow Extension for Terminal 5 page to reflect what actually was built there after this page was written speculatively - a new branch on the Piccadilly Line rather than incorporating the new station into the existing loop!

April 14th 2020

Added a paragraph at the end of the Bull & Bush page about the actual surface location. Because you can find it now by doing a simple Google search when, at the time it was written, London Underground were a bit touchy about telling people where this actually is.

April 4th 2020

Added the fact on the Deep Level page that City Road's surface building has recently been demolished and replaced with an energy exchanger to convert heat from the Underground below into heating for local homes.

March 29th 2020

Added a link to a YouTube recording of Florrie Ford singing Down At The Old Bull And Bush, on the Bull And Bush page.

February 1st 2020

Reviewed all links on the Links page. Deleted some sites that are no longer extant and updated some links that have changed URLs.

January 23rd 2020

Updated a couple of parargaphs about the planned but severely delayed use of the closed Croxley Green branch, as a possible extension of the Metropolitan line.

October 13th 2019

Added my personal review of a fantastic new exhibition put together at London Trasport Museum themed exactly on what this web site is all about - Hidden London: The Exhibition, mostly concentrating on the closed Underground stations and what can be seen there today. Right up my street for sure!

February 12th 2019

Added a disclaimer to the What I can see page stating that some of the entries there may now be out of date as things may have changed compared to when I was regularly updating the web site and lived closer to London.

August 8th 2018

Added a link to an episode of Most Haunted, to the Aldwych page, filmed there around the time most of this web site, including the Aldwych visit itself was photographed.

July 10th 2018

Updated the way the PhotoMap works on the Aldwych tour page. The old method was very clunky and used popups (something that many now hae turned off by default). The new method simply updates an image on the page immediately below the map with the appropriate picture.

March 13th 2018

Updated the Mill Hill East to Edgware walk description to reflect the fact that the nature reserve we walked through is no longer managed by the London Wildlife Trust.

February 14th 2018

Updated the Quainton Road to Brill page to outline where the new High Speed 2 railway line will cross the original route of the Brill Tramway.

September 14th 2017

Added a question in the FAQ page that explains why many of the images appear so small on modern browsers/screens.

September 1st 2017

Scanned the entire web site for old and stale links. Removed some that were no longer clicking through and replaced a few others with updated links.

Fixed the 'cookie warning' on the front page. This too was now using a stale link and had stopped working.

July 31st 2017

Updated the What Can I See? page to reflect changes that have taken place since it was originaly written.

July 5th 2017

Scanned and cleaned the entire site for broken links. replaced with new ones and in a couple of places deleted links to sites that are now defunct.

June 28th 2017

Tonight I finally got round to fixing the "There are # visitors" line on the introduction page. Several months ago, chConter, a bit of code I've relied on for over 10 years just for this number simply died because it had become unsupported, decrepid and now a security issue. This was caused by an upgrade to use a more recent version of PHP which didn't allow the insecure code to access the database. Fixed and re-written using my own PHP code!

June 8th 2017

Tidied up the FAQ page, checking for information that has changed since I wrote it - mainly the recent addition of the Hidden London tours by London Transport Museum.

January 17th 2017

With screen resolutions becoming higher and higher, this web site was starting to look silly in ultra wide resolutions available on many modern displays, with content running way past the original peceived "edge" of the original window. So a maximum width has been set for most pages so that at least they don't "spill over" the right hand edge of the background image!

September 8th 2016

Started to tidy up the recently added new page (adding the usual automatic footers etc.) and adding it to the side menu.

September 7th 2016

The biggest addition for about 10 years! After a recent visit to Euston's forgotten tunnels, the photography and writeup have finally made it here. You can read more about the visit on The Forgotten Tunnels of Euston.

July 27th 2015

Added the Cookie Conscent widget to the front page so that this web site doesn't fall foul of the hideously ill-thought European law that states that you have to inform someone browsing your web site that you're using local storage / cookies.

September 13th 1014

The way the side menu has been completely re-written using modern web techniqies. You'll probably notice little difference, but it now loads a lot quicker and you don't get a delay when you first highlight an item.

March 30th 2014

Completed one of the biggest modifications to the web site ever made and made live. However, you'll see very little difference - however the back end that generates each page is now much more efficient and all pages conform to modern web standards.

February 28th 2014

Added a paragraph to the Brompton Road

page which reflects the fact that the location of the original surface station has now been sold to property developers.

February 8th 2014

modified details on the North of Harrow & Wealdstone page to outline changes that have now been made to the extension, which will commence being built later in 2014. An update to the maplet was also made to show the new stations in relation to the old.

I also re-added the short documentary film about Aldwych The Secret Station, which had somehow been deleted in the recent overhaul of the web site.

January 29th 2014

Added some more details to the BBC Broadcasting House page including adding a new link to pictures of the Stronghold before it was demolished and fixed a broken link.

January 28th 2014

Updated the page about BBC Broadcasting House's rumoured Bakerloo Line platform to reflect changes that have been made in the building over the past few years.

I also added some analysis on a sign that appeared on a doorway in the basement of BBC Broadcasting House in 2012 purpoting to be an access door to the Bakerloo Line.

December 2013-January 3rd 2004

MASSIVE overhaul of the framework behind the web site. Many tweaks and corrections were made during this upgrade - far too many to list here.

July 29th 2013

Modified the page about Broadcasting House rumours to reflect the architectural changes made there over recent years and also repaired a link to Roger Beckwith's pages about 1920s Broadcasting house which had changed since I created the page.

January 9th 2013

Added a short film entitled The Secret Station by Luke Oliver to the Aldwych page.

November 18th 2012

Definitely the biggest gap between new submissions... several photos I'd taken of the completed Westfield shopping centre site that was previously Wood Lane station that I thought were lost before I could even get them backed to hard drive have re-surfaced with the re-finding of a long lost memory card. Most are taken from familiar angles to the previous picutres on the page.

January 3rd 2010

Added a YouTube documentary by amateur film maker Jay Foreman entitled Unfinished London about the uncompleted Norther Neights extension from Mill Hill East to Edgeware and beyond.

October 15th 2008

Added a note at the end of the Hidden Holborn page to reflect the fact that most of the area described as the Hostel has since since been demolished and new office/storage space has been built there.

May 23th 2008

Some minor revisions to the FAQ page based on changes in facts - mostly with regard to changes in the way (and how they now appear charge quite a lot more) for photography permits, even for students and non-commercial sites (I was never charged a penny for my permits).

May 23rd 2008

I've added an entry to the FAQ page explaining why the site isn't being updated as regularly as it has been in the past (well, not at all for a year now) as I've had some reather irate emails recently demanding why it's not being updated...

February 18th 2007

Added a few new facts that I learned in the Northern Heights Walk section including for the first time, details of the artist of the sculpture seen on the walk and also some information about the rickety wooden staircase observed on the walk from a local resident. Also, some links have been updated to reflect dead/moved web sites across the Underground History site.

December 19th 2006

A brand new site visit to Clapham North deep level shelter including many new pictures taken during the visit! I believe this visit is unique and is the first public visit to this location. Unfortunately it's also almost certainly the last as it has now been leased out for document storage. Neverthelless, enjoy the site visit report!

November 21st 2006

Added a paragraph to the Wood Lane page reflecting the fact that it has now been officially confirmed that the new station that's due to open in 2007 on the Hammersmith & City line near White City is to be named Wood Lane and that Shepherd's Bush station on the same line is to be renamed Shepherd's Bush Market.

October 31st 2006

Added Google ads. I hope they're discrete enough not to interfere with browsing the site - and also that they generate enough revenue to keep this site afloat!

July 7th 2006

Some minor updates made to the Broadcasting House page to reflect ongoing building work at the site.

June 15th 2006

A new page with pictures taken on the evening that Shoreditch closed for the final time containing many pictures of the event has been put online.

May 1st 2006

Transport for London have officially announced Shoredidtch's closure on 9th June 2006. In anticipation of this closure, the first underground station to permanently close since Aldwych and the Epping to Ongar section of the Central Line in 1994. In anticipation of this closure, a new page about shoreditch has been added to the site.

April 26th 2006

An update on the progress of Wood Lane's desparately slow demise - believe it or not, nearly three years after the commencement of the demolition of the station building, there's still evidence of its existance, though probably for not much longer. This page is now getting a bit big so the demolition pictures will soon be separated to a new page of thir own.

March 28th 2006

I've fleshed out my explination as to why I won't provide a complete Underground map showing the disused stations on the web site. It boils down to copyright and TfL's understandably fierce protection of their design.

March 21st 2006

I've added a new feature (effectively beta testing at the moment). Nominally called EasyRead, it's an attempt to make the web site more accesible to people who have difficulty reading the current "white text on black" themeing which I agree isn't the best for online reading but I think goes with the theming of the web site.

It's early stages at the moment and I do know there are some outstanding problems - some of the yellow text is barely readable on the light coloured backgrounds and some of the images which were pre-rendered with black backgrounds look a bit ropey. Plus, I've spotted a couple of places where the new black text is rendered on dark backgrounds.

I hope the initial effort was worth it - more than 95% of the site should now bereadable on a light background with black text. Further improvements will soon be made to the new visually impaired friendly version.

I'd appreciate any comments from people who use this new service - both positive and negative not only from a personal perspective but also as a colleague of mine also looking into web accesability issues at work at the moment.

Another improvement I can think of tonight, looking at the site is that the background could be a little more warm (or brownish) - then I'd see less of the floatey things that have taken up residence in my eyes over the last few years :(

February 19th 2006

Changed the listing on the What I Can See page as there's not much worth seeing of Wood Lane station now that it's surface building and platform have been demolished. I'm told that the surface building's facade has been rescued and is going to be rebuilt at Lond'm's Transport Museum's depot at Acton.

February 15th 2006

Some minor factual errors corrected in the West of Amersham section.

November 14th 2005

It may not look that different on the surface but I've radically changed the underlying structure of how the pages are rendered. I've never been a big fan of frames - and they're now gone. Each page now is a complte HTTP page with no sub frames - the menu bar is now a fuxture on the main page.

Part of this change also allowed me to add hooks to the underlying code that are currently unused, to allow me to easily add features later on.

For the technically minded, this is also a short term interm solution - I'm not a big fan of using forms for layout either (which is how the page is currently rendered). I intend to move over to using CSS, but that move could take quite a lot more re-editing of the pages.

November 2nd 2005

I've added a graphic which shows a little row of people to the front page. Each person in the row represents someone who is actually reading the site or was reading/visiting 5 minutes. It gives a good feel of how many are out there right now doing the same as you! It's also quite accurate and dynamic!

October 28th 2005

A new section about the history of the Bakerloo Line north of Harrow & Wealdstone. The Bakerloo line at one time used to run as far as Watford Junction, today only served by mainline trains. The section also covers a neglected branch line which, although never part of the Underground, is worth covering because of its symbiotic relationship with the Bakerloo Line at one time and the fact that it looks possible to become a part of the Metropolitan Line in the near future!

October 14th 2005

We're on the move! Underground History now has its own domain name and MUCH more room to expand.

Immediate changes to expect:

Brand new domain name that's now appropriate to the site!

New contact screen to send messages to me via a form rather than email (I was getting fed up with spam) - that doesn't mean I'm more remote - I get your messages just as quickly.

Brand new guest book with no adverts.

No new content yet, but I have a couple of new pages in draft form ready to publish now that I have room to put the pictures needed for these pages.

And that hopefully is just the beginning. Expect quite a lot more over the coming days and weeks - I've been confined by the Demon Homepages so long, the freedom allowed by this new host compared to the last one is breathtaking and I'm only starting to get used to all the tools and facilities it offers, not to mention gigabytes of storage compared to the 20MB offered by Demon.

The new site? But if you're reading this, you probably know that already...

September 5th 2005

Added a new question to the FAQ list with regard to the fabled story of a station being so badly bombed during the Second World War that it was sealed up rather than recover the bodies. Also updated the FAQ entry about hiring disused stations for parties - it seems that Aldwych's booking hall is no longer considered suitable for parties by London Underground.

August 9th 2005

I re-visited the Brill branch on the Metropolitan Line'a history last weekend. New pictures on the Brill branch pages have been added. There's more material from that visit to follow.

July 29th 2005

Added an image of St. Mary's on the Cut & Cover page. Corrected a few errors on the Ongar page. Added an entry to the FAQ page about Strand/Aldwych.

July 23rd 2005

A new page has been added with pictures and a description of what can be seen today along the Epping to Ongar branch.

July 3rd 2005

Added a brand new section detailing a walk undertaken by myself and some fellow readers of this web site along the Northern Heights proposed extension between Mill Hill East and Edgware (and a little beyond). The page contains many new images and means that this web site is now bursting at its 20MB home page limitation (the reason it took a little longer that expected to get it online).

I am currently testing an RSS feed to indicate changes. I'll put a link to it once I'm happy it's working properly.

May 16th 2005

Updated 2 pictures of Ongar station on the Deep Level page, to ones recently taken.

May 11th 2005

Added a few pictures of Wood Lane in its increasingly vanishing state, taken on 10th May 2005.

May 4th 2005

Added three historical images to the Brill Branch pages. I also added a picture taken by Lewis Nodes, of a restored Metropolitan stock carriage at the Bluebell Railway.

April 27th 2005

Added an image on the Walford East page showing the actual map they have on the station's front wall showing its fictitious position along the District Line.

April 8th 2005

Refinements and modifications (plus some restructuring) of the pages about the Metropolitan Line west of Amersham.

March 31st 2005

Added two new pages about West of Amersham, covering the branch lines that at one stage used to be regarded as part of the Metropolitan Line, running over 50 miles out beyond Baker Street. Clicking on the above link will take you to the appropriate location on the Cut & Cover page. The two new pages can be found by following the links in that section (which has also been extensively revised)under the Quainton Road to Venreny Junction and Quainton Road to Brill headings. The new section and pages include 3 new maps and 36 new pictures - probably the biggest single update in one go to date!

March 4th 2005

Added a few updates to the commercial breakdown on the 1929 Map page.

February 24th 2005

The second half (part 3) of the Northern Heights walk is now online.

February 23rd 2005

Showtime! I've started updating the section about the Northern Heights, as I have many new photographs taken on a walk on the 19th February. I've split the Northern Heights page into a summary page and 3 detailed pages about the walk. part 1 and part 2 (Alexandra Palace to Highgate) are already up. Part 3 will appear just as soon as I get time to write it up.

I suggest accessing the text from the main page as that has also been re-written.

February 6th 2005

Updated the page about the movie Creep, now that I've seen it. A lot more details about where many of the scenes were filmed - including information only mentioned in a Making Of documentary, shown on Sky|Mix.

February 2nd 2005

Added a small section and 3 images about 23/24 Leinster Gardens, the houses in London that are just facades to disguise the existence of the Underground Line behind.

January 18th 2005

Added an invitation to a walk along the old Alexandra Palace to Finsbury Park Northern Heights line on the Northern Heights page.

January 8th 2005

Added a new section that analyses a trailer for the film Creep, which appears to have been filmed extensively on locations on the underground - the majority of which are featured on this web site.

October 10th 2004

A part of the Epping to Ongar line has re-opened! A limited service has been reported to be running every Sunday between Epping and North Weald from 10th October 2004. Check out their web site for more details. Updated the Deep Level secton to reflect this news.

July 26th 2004

I've changed the primary font from Arial to Trebuchet MS, which is shipped with all the latest Microsoft operating systems. Trebuchet MS is a font that's specially designed for easy screen readability, but it also has the added advantage of looking rather similar to the London Underground font, making the text look more consistent with the pre-rendered P22 Underground font lettering used in the GIF images (the similarity isn't coincidental - the font was designed based on the readability of fonts used in signs). If you don't have this font, you can download it free of charge. If aren't able to download, or are using a computer that doesn't have it installed, the secondary fonts of Arial, Helvetica or Verdana will still be perfectly acceptable.

Switching fonts is at the moment an experiment. If I don't get too much negative feedback about it - and if I decided I like it, it'll stay this way.

As to why I didn't add the official London Underground font P22 Johnston, this font looks fantastic when printed or rendered as graphics, but can look a bit gritty when rendered on a web site.

June 25th 2004

Added a 1929 railway map of central London, which I've annotated showing the stations that have since closed or been renamed. The page also contains some interesting advertisements from the period.

April 7th 2004

Oops... sometime in the last month or so, I've deleted a link to the page about stations that have been renamed on the FAQ. page. This has now been remedied.

March 28th 2004

Added an image of the plaque on the wall of Regis House, the original location of King William Street's surface entrance. Also, added some information to the FAQ page on why visits to disused stations are no longer available through London's Transport Museum.

March 20th 2004

Two major sections have gone online today. A page describing the deep level shelters that were used during the Second World War, many of which were originally intended to form an exprress Northern Line through London. Also, a site visit to Belsize Park deep level shelter which is in use today storing documents.

March 5th 2004

6 new images added to the Wood Lane page illustrating the continuing demolition of the site. Also, 2 new pictures added to the same page showing some remnants of the Hammermith & City (then Metropolitan) line platforms.

March 3rd 2004

Corrected some erroneous information about the map on the platform wall on the Vauxhall Cross page. It doesn't change the station's perceived location, but I was given information a while ago that listed the stations that would have been seen on the other platform!

February 17th 2004

Oops - this was meant to go online at the end of January - but I forgot to upload the changes to the main site!

Added a small section about the derelict viaduct that can be seen just outside Hammersmith station to the Cut & Cover page.

Also, added an extra question to the FAQ list regarding the availability of a full sized Underground map showing all the abandoned stations.

January 19th 2004

An aerial photograph of Verney Junction was added to the Cut & Cover page.

Also, I added a note to the Jubilee Line platform for Charing Cross on the Deep Level pages stating that the new video for then new Alex Parks song Cry made extensive use of the deserted platform and tunnels there.

November 30th 2003

A site visit report along with 26 new photographs has been added to the Kingsway Tram Underpass page. The page isn't finalised yet as I intend to do some more work on it, but I though it worthwhile publishing the photographs as soon as I could.

November 26th 2003

I've added a completely new section - a Frequently Asked Questions list to answer some of the more regular questions I've been asked. It's relatively basic at the moment but I plan to add more to it as and when I think of something to add!

November 25th 2003

I've now created a changes email list for anyone who wishes to be informed of any changes or events that are significant to this page (see above).

I've also re-edited the Wood Lane page in light of the fact that the station building has been demolished. Mostly some context changes ("is" becoming "was") and some re-arranging. Another image from my photo archive of the White City raised exhibition halls (now being demolished) was also added.

November 18th 2003

Added a new image on the Wood Lane page showing that the station building is now almost completely cleared away.

November 4th 2003

Added a navigation bar at the bottom of most pages to make navigation without the Navigator Frame being active. This also makes the site easier to use in lower resolutions.

October 28th 2003

Added four jigsaw puzzles of some of the images found on this site! Go on! See how fast you can complete them!

October 27th 2003

Corrected two broken links for sites that have recently wandered away to new addresses - a link to a site about the Royal Strand Theatre on the Aldwych page and the links to Frédéric Delaitre's pages on King William Street and Tower Subway on the Links & References page.

September 24th 2003

The article that never was

Metro thumbnail Any travellers on London's transportation are aware of the free newspaper called Metro which is distributed in stations around London on weekday mornings. Within that paper is a daily article called Metro Travel - usually about some item of transportation in London. This morning's article was all set to be an article about me and this set of web pages. It was entitled "Hywel's web of lost wonders"!

However... it was decided late in the day by the powers that be, that the article wasn't within the remit of the column. I guess I can understand why - I'm told that the column is intended to promote various uses of transportation in London such as new train stock or special busses - promoting TfL and not someone else! A disappointing, but I guess understandable decision.

I can't reproduce the article in its entirety here as I don't have copyright clearance - but it was well written and mostly consisted of some basic facts from my web site and some pictures.

September 23rd 2003

Updated the information on the East London Line.

September 22nd 2003

Added an updated photograph of the partially demolished Wood Lane station, taken over the weekend.

September 15th 2003

A new page has been added which outlines some preparatory work undertaken in the mid 1980s for a possible Underground station for Heathrow Terminal 5. In the end, not used as the terminal is too far away, this special tunnel is still there today.

August 21st 2003

I've spent quite some time over the past few days poring over the entire site. Many small changes have been made as a result of this. Firstly, the entire site has been proofread - numerous grammatical and spelling mistakes have been pointed out to me and corrected (not a single page escaped at least a small change!).

Also, some images have been resized to make the pages friendly to more browsers - and look reasonable on an 800x600 screen, even though the site is really designed to be viewed on a screen with a resolution of 1024x768 or bigger.

Some pages were split in two or given their own section to cut down the size of some of the larger pages to make them more bandwidth friendly.

Finally, a clickable Site Map page has been added to allow people to see all the pages that are on the site in one diagram.

Apart from the corrections mentioned above, none of the information about the stations has been changed, save a paragraph or two to tie together pages that had been split from one singe page into two.

August 14th 2003

The site map mentioned below is now fully functional - you can click on each page's name and it takes you straight there.

Also of note, the site has this week been awarded a Bronze Smokin' Award. I've very pleased about this since, unlike many awards where you'll almost certainly be awarded something - even if your site is rather poorly constructed, this award is based on a strict marking criteria based not only on content, but the layout, design and accessibility of the web site.

August 13th 2003

I've added a new Site Map, to give an overall look at what's on the site. I've tried to make it a bit different to most as I've tried to make mine look like an Underground Map! It's currently only an image, but I soon hope to make it clickable. I've just noticed that the "What You Can See" page is missing - I'll modify that when I get a chance!

July 28th 2003

I've added some paragraphs about the section of the Metropolitan Line that ran east of Amersham until the 1930s along mainline track. This can be found on the Cut & Cover page. I hope to go into greater detail on this section in future.

June 18th 2003

I've changed my contact email address again because of the volume of offensive spam mail I've been getting. The new address can be found towards the bottom of the main Introduction page.

June 12th 2003

Wood Lane still there... just! It's now been covered by scaffolding so not long to go :-(

Another update to Wood Lane pages. This time an aerial photograph taken from twice the hight of the previous one which has enabled me to add a topography diagram to the image showing the original track layout on the now barren ground behind the station. I've also added an extra paragraph explaining why trains emerge on the oposite platform to the one which they start out on for this stretch - and also an explination why the trains make so much NOISE as they travel westbound here!!!

Also, 2 new photographs showing the likely original location of Uxbridge Road and the small stub which is all that remains of the "outer loop" north of Uxbridge Road. These are on the Cut and Cover page.

June 2nd 2003

Updated the Wood Lane pages to reflect the fact that the original station building is currently being demolished. I'm in the area in a week's time so I hope to at least have a picture of the site after it has been cleared.

May 30th 2003

A general sweep of many of the pages with an odd fact or figure added here and there. Nothing major, but there are a few new things on a couple of pages.

May 20th 2003

This addition is completely off-topic but may be of interest to those interested in the history of British broadcasting. Earlier on this year I was instrumental in the remarkable discovery of some "lost" BBC footage of great historic value.

When BBC 2 launched on 20th April 1964, a major blackout affected the whole of central London, putting BBC's television centre out of action due to failed emergency generators (nothing new there then...). Instead, a hastily arranged short news bulletin came from Alexandra Palace, the only facility unaffected by the power failure. It was believed that no video or telecine recordings were able to be made as all the recorders were based in Television Centre.

Wrong! In February this year, a copy of this remarkable 13 minute broadcast was unearthed in a dusty corner of a tape archive in one of the Beeb's buildings in deepest Surrey where, for the first time in 39 years, it was possible to see BBC 2's aborted launch night exactly as viewers saw it in 1964, technical faults and all! Find out more here.

A hunt for missing Dr. Who episodes was instigated, but proved fruitless...

May 16th 2003

I've started developing some monitor test patterns so that you can determine if your monitor is set to similar settings to mine (a calibrated video & image editing monitor). Only 2 so far, but the first one is probably the most important as it can make a huge difference when viewing dark images.

May 14th 2003

Added a couple of paragraphs to the Wood Lane page, stating that the station, since closure, has been used as a location for at least two cult science fiction programmes - Dr. Who (the actual episode is soon to be released on DVD) and The Tomorrow People.

April 2nd 2003

Yes - those who visited on April 1st would have seen the "special announcement" about Aldwych... The publication date was significant.

March 14th 2003

I've re-sourced the mp3 of the wind noise in the lift shaft on the Down Street page from the original DAT master. The file I've been serving for the last few months was a lower bit rate and had intolerable audio artifacts, especially when listened to through headphones. If you do listen to this, I definitely recommend headphones as as the recording was made using a crossed microphone pair.

Bear in mind that this file may be off line from time to time as I'm still hosting the mp3 file on my home ADSL server.

March 11th 2003

I'm beginning to wonder whether I should include the Central Line in its entirety on these pages as no service has run on the line since the derailment on 25th January :-)

February 12th 2003

A new page has been added that may be of interest to UK readers. Here I'll be listing some of the programmes shown on British television that are of relevance to these pages - either about the Tube in general, or ones showing disused stations. I'll hopefully be updating this page weekly. [subsequently removed]

January 31st 2003

You can now read this web site in Cockney, the dialect that's used in East London! Check out for the link to the translator on the Links page! It's worth a try - it made me bloomin' laugh!

December 11th 2002

There appears to be a minor problem with the pages at the moment that's only observable on some versions of Netscape. Even after all the images have loaded, the page continues in "downloading" mode for a very long time. This is because a small image downloaded from a page tracking server is no longer being delivered as the server is currently off line. The problem doesn't seem to happen with Internet Explorer.

December 8th 2002

Wow! More traffic in the last 12 hours than I've had in the last 12 months! I guess that's what happens when you get a mention on Slashdot... Anyway - as a result of this, I've had to remove some of the sound files temporarily from the Down Street pages as they were being hosted on my own ADSL server - which was being slaughtered by outgoing the traffic! I'll try to find somewhere new for them.

Also, on the reccomendation of several Slasdot readers, I've removed the Javascript that prevents you from right-clicking on a document. This was something I've been intending to do for some time anyway as it was starting to get on my nerves also!

December 6th 2002

New page added! When Down Street was in use during the Second World War as offices, numerous signs were painted on the walls that are still there today. This new sub-page to the Down Street Tour page is a gallery of some of these signs - and contains 6 previously unpublished photographs! You can reach there by following the link near to where I talk about the signs on the tour - or by Clicking here.

December 5th 2002

Updated the information on the station in Die Another Day, Vauxhall Cross, to confirm that no filming was actually done in a real underground station!

December 4th 2002

Converted the "temporary page" mentioned below into a more permanent link from the Aldwych page.

November 24th 2002

Added a temporary page with my thoughts on the disused station in the latest James Bond movie, that looks almost but not quite entirely unlike Aldwych ;). See it here!

November 13th 2002

I've just realised that the picture I added to the Northern Heights page on November 8th hadn't actually been uploaded!! I've corrected this and the picture is now visible.

November 12th 2002

Added a map to the Links & References page. This map is fantastic in that it tells you which carriage to sit in for the shortest walk along a platform to the exit or interchange tunnel! Plus, it shows the network geographically, rather than the more familiar Harry Beck Tube Diagram.

November 11th 2002

Revised the What Can I See? page. Added some new details and modified some inaccuracies.

Also, reinstated the mp3 sound samples on the Down Street Tour page, temporarily hosting the files on my home ADSL server until I can find another provider to host them on.

November 8th 2002

Added an image from Peter Wright's web site (see below) to the Northern Heights page to show Highgate High Level platform in 1970.

November 6th 2002

I've removed the MP3 files that accompanied the Down Street Tour pages as the ISP they were hosted on (not Demon, my main host) no longer allows MP3 files, automatically assuming they're illegal. I'm looking for a free web hosting service where I can legitimately host these files, so I hope this is only a temporary deletion.

Also: Added a link to Peter Wright's OVERGROUND - "Northern Heights" web page to the links page and to the Northern Heights page.

October 15th 2002

Added a link and short review in the Links & References page for Viaduct Child, the soon to be released novel aimed at teenagers (but a cracking good read for us older folk too!). The book is written by first time author Patrick Wood. Much of the naritive takes place in abandoned tunnels and stations of the Underground.

August 7th 2002

Platform 5 is now no longer visible from Holborn's platform 4 access tunnels since the gates have now been replaced by doors. I modified the Hidden Holborn page to reflect this fact.

July 18th 2002

Site back online. I took the site offline until I could clarify with LuL that all the information on it was acceptable for publication. I'd heard through the grapevine that there were some issues. This largely turned out to be a case of chinese whispers - that the information I'd heard was exaggerated through some mis-communication and misunderstanding on my part.

Let me emphasize this - at no point has London Underground Limited asked me to take the site offline - this was my decision. For those of you worried that the site would come back with huge chunks missing - as you can see the site has largely been left unchanged.

Thanks to all who emailed me with support. I hope you enjoy the site once more now that it's back online.

Check out the new section about BBC Broadcasting House (mentioned just below) that was added only about an hour before I took the site offline!

NOTE: I see from my logs that some people are still getting the "closed" page - I guess this is down to pre-cached local copies of that page still being served... Hopefully this will disappear within a day or so.

June 17th 2002

Site taken temporarily offline.

June 17th 2002

Added a few paragraphs that deal with the non-existent but persistently rumoured platform at BBC Broadcasting House on the Deep Level page. I did quite a bit of research which included speaking to people at London Underground, Broadcasting house officials (managers and building officials) and I've come to the conclusion it's an urban myth.

May 31st 2002

My contact email address has been changed. It used to start with uground - it now starts with ugrund. Please see the Introduction page for the full address. The change was made necessary by the fact that I was getting a huge amount of unwanted and quite frankly offensive junk email to the old address.

May 19th 2002

Added 2 photographs of the abandoned Circle/Hammersmith & City platform at King's Cross to the Cut & Cover page.

April 23rd 2002

I was recently given the opportunity to visit the location of Bull & Bush partially completed station. I have written up an account of this visit along with 13 new photographs, which can be found on the Bull & Bush page.

March 17th 2002

I've not had much chance to do anything to the pages recently - but I was in the area of Ongar station yesterday so I took a couple of photographs of the station as it is today. They can be found in the appropriate section of the Deep Level pages.

February 8 2002

I haven't had much chance to do anything for a while now, though today I went through and added alt tags to all the images, so that slow downloads can see the name of the pictures before they come in.

January 23 2002

Added a small image to the Brompton Road page, a detail from one of the existing photographs showing the No Smoking sign underneath the projection screen.

January 7 2002

On December 19th I visited Brompton Road disused station. Although I was only allowed access to the platform levels and a few other tunnels, there was plenty to see and photograph. A new page about Brompton Road has been created.

December 14 2001

Added a small animated gif of a train passing Down Street's emergency exit grilles.

December 12 2001

Added two new books to the Links section; a new one by J.E. Connor on Disused Stations and Underground to Everywhere by Stephen Halliday.

November 26 2001

Three photographs added to the Bull & Bush page - two showing the building that is now on the surface and a third showing the Old Bull And Bush pub which gave the station its unofficial name. Another photograph was also added to the Northern Heights page, taken at Mill Hill East showing the line running on for a few yards along the course of the original LNER line before terminating.

November 21 2001

A very minor, but interesting change. I spotted a few days ago that the London Transport Museum has been renamed "London's Transport Museum". I'm guessing this is to move away from using the name London Transport. I've made the change on all relevant pages.

November 19 2001

Added a new printer friendly section: What I can see?, which provides a short printable guide outlining where to look and what to look for if someone goes out on the publicaly accessible parts of the Underground to look for some of the things talked about on these pages.

November 14 2001

Rearranged a couple of the pictures on the Down Street Tour page as they were in the wrong order.

November 8 2001

I added the Afterthought paragraph at the end of the Down Street Tour pages about what it was like visiting Down Street late in the evening with only one other person as my guide... Spooky comes to mind!

November 5 2001

Added a link to Frédéric Delaitre's excellent pages on King William Street station and the Tower Subway to the Links & References page. I also made a slight modification to the plans on the Hidden Holborn page to make printing the page easier. It seems there's a sizable proportion of people printing out these pages and taking them on a visit to the Underground!

September 2 2001

Added a simple little diagram to liven up the Bull & Bush page, which without any pictures was looking a tad plain!

October 30 2001

The Down Street Tour and Down Street pages have been extensively revised, including 29 new photographs taken during a recent visit specially arranged for the purpose of photographing the location! The tour page now also includes the first sound effects - MP3 recordings of what it really sounds like in a disused station! Enjoy!

October 4 2001

Another picture and a short paragraph added this time to to the Aldwych page. This picture shows an eerie apparition on an Aldwych platform waiting for the next train... which will never come.

Oops... it looks like I didn't upload the picture of the lift interior yesterday resulting in a broken image being displayed... now corrected.

October 3 2001

An extra picture has been added to the Aldwych Visit page showing the interior of the Otis lift. Not from another visit - this photograph comes from my previously unpublished photograph collection.

September 28 2001

I've started using 1st Page 2000 to edit the code which has enabled me to clean up some rather sloppy HTML coding and correct an embarasingly large number of spilling miss takes... I'm sure there are some still out there - I'll correct them when I get to them...

September 27 2001

Its taken me a while but I think I've finally cracked all the problems with the navigator frame. It may look similar to the usual one but it's different in two ways. Its now been compressed slightly to fit on a 1024x768 screen without scroll bars - and it now has a more nifty Javascript interface.

September 18 2001

Nothing major - just added an extra picture to the Hidden Holborn page.

September 3 2001

Added an extra picture of the overrun tunnels on the Jubilee platforms at Charing Cross on the Deep Level pages. Also a couple of new recomended books were added to the Links & References page.

August 30 2001

A couple of weeks ago I was given a special opportunity to re-visit Down Street as part of an article On the Move, London Underground's staff magazine are currently publishing about this web site and about the Hidden Underground. Whilst there, I was able to visit some parts of the station that I previously hadn't seen. As a result, there are now several more paragraphs on the Down Street Tour page, including the bathroom/toilet area (urgh..) which wasn't possible on the first visit and a room where absolutely everything had been painted grey... including its light bulb!

August 24 2001

Replaced the surface photo of Down Street with a more recent brighter and sharper version.

August 17 2001

Modified some of the text and added a couple of facts in the Hidden Bits section. Also added Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere to the Links & Books section.

August 10 2001

Added a couple of paragraphs about the short story inspired by someone alighting from a train at South Kentish Town by mistake soon afture closure which was eventually expanded and broadcast as a short story by Sir John Betjamin on the BBC. This is found on the Deep Level section under South Kentish Town.

July 31 2001

Lots of little things - some errors corrected, a couple of facts added here and there. Also moved guestbook again - the one I started at the beginning of this month was a tad unreliable. I hope this is the last move - all entries to this temporary guest book have once again been added to the Guest Book file.

July 16 2001

Added a couple of new photographs after a visit to the London Transport Museum's depot in Acton. On the Hidden Bits page, a photograph of the remains of the spiral staircase from Holloway Road station as it exists today. Also, on the Deep Level Lines page, a couple of images of some enamel signs showing a couple of attempts to represent the change in name of Charing Cross and Embankment. Some minor twiddles to the text was also made to accomodate these photos. Finally, a link was added in the Links & References page to David Bradley's Trolley Bus photographic archive. An automatic scroll bar has been added to the Navigator Frame to accomodate small screen sizes.

July 10 2001

Added six new pictures taken in April at Aldwych, behind the scenes of a film that was being made there. These can be found in the Scrap Book.

July 5 2001

The old guest book lost 3 months worth of entries without warning! I've recovered all these from my email backups and put them in a new file. I've also signed up with a new guest book.

July 3 2001

Replaced the link to the tube map on the main introduction page which had expired. I changed from the link to the Tube website to the Transport For London site since they also seem to have a more up to date version of the map!

Also I corrected a couple of technical details on the Hidden Holborn page.

July 2 2001

Its been a while; I've now been able to update the Hidden Bits page with three new photographs taken after a recent visit to the disused sections of Charing Cross station. An intriguing view up a disused stair shaft (sans stairs!), the original lift concourse at "Trafalgar Square" station and also a view down a long construction tunnel. Several new paragraphs have also been written to accompany these photos. On the Deep Level page, a photograph of the Jubillee platform at Charing Cross has been added.

May 29 2001

I found out what all the white feathers on the Working Platform at Aldwych were about, during my visits earlier on this year - they were used in the making of Everlast's Black Jesus rock music video. Discovered while watching Kerrang! music channel last week at a friends house :-) Updated the Aldwych Tour page to reflect this.

Added a new image of the lift machinery on the Aldwych page.

May 6 2001

Two things today:

Demon Home pages Award

Fistly, the long promised site navigation finally went live a couple of days ago. This should appear as a frame window to the left of this window. If you don't see it, click here to launch it. The site will continue to be navigable without this frame window on screen.

Secondly.. Underground History has been awarded first prize in Demon Internet's Home Page awards under the Best Special Interest Homepage category!

Apr 28 2001

Added the PhotoMap feature to the Aldwych Tour page - a clickable diagram of the station showing the location where all the photographs (and a few new ones!) on the page had been taken. By clicking on the little arrows, a window is opened containing the image.

Apr 26 2001

Added a plan of Aldwych onto the Aldwych page. The colour-coded plan shows the three various stages of dis-use at the platform and lower concourse level of the station. This is the first of three Aldwych plans I've drawn - the other two will go online in the next couple of days.

Apr 20 2001

New page added to show photographs of the Northern Heights proposed extension that never was (14 brand new images in total). At the moment it's mainly pictures of Highgate High Level platforms but hopefully in the near future, more of the Northern Heights will be covered.

Apr 10 2001

A couple more photographs were added to the Aldwych page. they are of a film shoot using Aldwych and Holborn's disused platform as a location. I have quite a few more of these and in the next week or so they'll be added. I also replaced the lift photo with a slightly bigger and sharper version.

Apr 9 2001

Added a photograph of the Highgate high level platform and building on the Deep Level pages. In the next few days several more photos of the visit to this station will be added - probably on a new page.

Apr 5 2001

Okey - the first of a group of new additions and changes to the pages that are going to appear over the next week or so as I find the time to edit, write and add them including new photographs. Firstly, several new paragraphs and six new photographs on the Aldwych Tour page! More to come!

Mar 29 2001

Just a cosmetic change - I've started using the original station's tile pattern (when known) as part of the title. A description of why different tile patterns were originally used on each station will soon be added to the main page.

Mar 26 2001

I finally went ahead and fulfilled my promise to cut down the massive index page into three smaller sections. To regular visitors, I guarantee that no information has been cut out - it's all still there (I hope)! The new structure is as follows. The main Home Page has been drasticly cut down. The information cut out of it has been moved to two new sections - one covering Deep Level Lines and another covering the Cut and Cover Lines. The introduction to the two new pages needs some improving but this should hopefully cut down on the way-too-long download times for the original page.

I hope you like it! I'd appreciate any comments on the new structure from regular visitors who remember the old index page!

Mar 23 2001

Some asthetic changes. Touched up some of the images to get rid of some minor flaws and added the "tile pattern" headers for some of the pages, where I knew the original pattern used in that station (only Brompton Road to go now).

Mar 13 2001

Some factual corrections made in several locations across the site.

Feb 21 2001

Added the aerial photograph over Tower Bridge to show the approximate route taken by Tower Subway under the Thames.

I also discovered today that my FTP uploader has been systematically randomly corrupting some downloads with the result that some files were broken. I've now changed the ftp software I use...

Feb 20 2001

Re-touched some of the underground photographs using Paintshop Pro to get rid of some annoying dust motes that had flared up in the flash. It looks like I also broke the site for about 1/2 an hour wile doing this...

Feb 9 2001

Completed and added the diagram mentioned yesterday!

Feb 8 2001

Added Uxbridge Road to the Metropolitan Line section on the main page. Also the maplet is half drawn but with a drive of at least an hour home on the M25 tonight the energy to complete it has gone... tomorrow is another day!

Feb 5 2001

Added two new pictures to the Woodlane page.

Feb 2 2001

Not much today - just corrected some errors on the Walford East page.

Jan 31 2001

Tidied up and shuffled a couple of things about. Information about both Wood Lane stations now found on a longer Wood Lane section along with additional and corrected information about both. Awaiting location photos to add for HandS Wood Lane station. The page contains a detail from a wonderful original 1912 map of London of the White City area, showing not only all the stations in the area that are now abandoned - but also the outline of the White City exhibition!

Jan 30 2001

Added a page about Walford East underground station. Don't get too excited though - if you're unfamiliar with this station, it can only be found on the backlot of a long running British television programme!

Jan 26 2001

Re-uploaded the whole site - for some reason it had reverted to a really old version in the last few days!

Jan 25 2001

Added a section on the stations on the Hammersmith and City Line and also a small word about Shoreditch, probably the next station to close on the main page.

Jan 23 2001

Sorry I've been away for so long! After some proof reading I've now started uploading some of the pages that I've made corrections and additions to. These are too numerous to mention in detail but many minor spelling, grammer and factual errors are being corrected as well as some new information being added.

Dec 13 2000

Added the Down Street Tour page. Also touched up the information on several other pages with regard to the fact that there are no further plans to arrange official tours of these stations.

Dec 5 2000

Added the newly re-issued Little Book of Mornington Crescent to the books section.

Nov 29 2000

Added the picture of the train between Holborn and Aldwych to the Scrap Book page and made some minor detail corrections to several other pages.

Nov 28 2000

Added information on Trafalgar Square to the main index page.

Nov 18 2000

Added even MORE pictures to both Aldwych and Aldwych Tour pages.

Nov 16 2000

Updated all the photographs and added several new ones to the Hidden Holborn page. ALSO, all images on the Aldwych Tour pages have been updated to larger colour versions and several more images added here too!

Nov 13 2000

Added Euston original station entrance photograph to Hidden Bits page.

Nov 3 2000

Aldwych page touched up and had an extra paragraph about its modern use as a filming location added. Also corrected some factual errors in the Hidden Holborn section.

Oct 30 2000

Scrap Book page created which I intend to be a repository for photographs that don't quite make it into the main pages for one reason or another but may still be of interest to people.

Oct 27 2000

Added a couple of facts to the Down Street page.

Oct 23 2000

Re-drew King William Street map to better reflect the line layout. Also added the Jubilee line map.

Oct 12 2000

Added this page! Added more information to the Stockwell entry in the main page. Added St Paul's photographs along with information about the experimental spiral escalator originally at Holloway Road (and photograph of location to Hidden Bits page. Replaced a black & white photograph with a more recent photograph and added a new photograph to the Hidden Holborn page.

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