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In order to prevent spammers harvesting my email address from this site, to contact me, please use this form. I try to respond to all who contact me even if I may not know the answer to your question.

If you have a question to ask, please read the frequently asked questions list first as I may well have answered your question there already. This especially applies to queries about how to get to see some of these places...

Important: Please please double check your email address before sending. It's incredibly frustrating when I write a response to you only to find that it immediately bounces as an invalid address. I guess it's also frustrating for you when I seemingly fail to respond.

My greatest apologies if you attempted to contact me between sometime around early March and 9th June 2014. It seems a subtle change was made on the server unbeknownst to me which broke the code that validated the email addresses used on this page. This has now been resolved. I was wondering why the email had gone quiet...

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