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Hywel Williams is originally from Ammanford in South Wales (United Kingdom for the geographically challenged:-) where he lived until he was 18 years old. He Studied Computer Science at University of Wales, Swansea, to the levels of BSc and then MPhil.

Hywel then emigrated to England as IT jobs were rather scarce in his home country. While putting together this web site, he for an organization who are the proud owners of the second best known brand name in the world (and no, it's not London Underground!) - the BBC. Since then he moved back to his native Wales but in 2011 once again emigrated - this time to the Republic of Ireland. He now lives back in his home country of Wales.

WHY a web site about disused Underground stations?

A question he is often asked, and often asks himself.

"I guess it's the mystery of seeing these places that have been left as they were for decades. Its a bit like stepping back in time, seeing some of the living history of London's past, left almost completely untouched.

"I initially started the site in February 2000, when I got the chance to visit a section of Holboron station that had been disused since 1917 and had been rebuilt during the War as offices. I found this fascinating and wanted to share what I'd experienced with others. Over time I got more opportunities and the pages eventually grew to what you see today.

"The style and design of the web site is all mine. It's not everybody's cup of tea I guess, but I like it."

Thanks to all the people listed on the bottom of the Links & References page, but especially to London Transport Museum who have been a fantastic resource and help.

Last Modified: April 22nd 2021

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The photograph was taken in Down Street disused station after an exhausting day when my car broke down at work, causing me almost to miss my appointment and then a hectic hour or so photographing the station. No wonder I look tired!

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